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We are committed to uniting high quality, unique and health conscious products bringing you the best dishes, drinks and snacks you’ll find at any grab-&-go style café. Our signature 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is grown at the highest elevation of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain (JBM), situated right under the mountain’s peak. These beans are hand-picked, and boutique roasted as individual batches.

Our flagship café location opened as VIA Rail Canada’s first on-site café kiosk carrying a fully premium grab-&-go product menu and as the first upscale-casual, CIBJ certified JBM retailer in Canada. These prestigious benchmarks and certifications move in concert with a menu and staff that will be sure to exceed your every expectation.

Don’t just take our word for it, come join us as at one of our Blue Heaven Café’s and experience what it’s like to have your head in the coffee clouds!

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Belleville train station

250 Station St.
Belleville, ON, K8N 2T8, Canada
Cafè Number: (613) 686-4201

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London train station

205 York St.
London, ON, N6A 1B1, Canada
Cafè Number: (519) 672-9208

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